lassroyale: Ash Williams says "WHAT?!" (Default)
2011-08-09 09:07 am

New to Dreamwidth - Where my peeps be, yo?

Hey everyone!

Lassroyale here, I'm figuring out Dreamwidth and intend to port all my fic over here from livejournal, where hopefully I can find just as many enriching communities as livejournal used to have. Lately the lack of reading or enthusiam from certain communities that I'd hoped to be a part of has really made me gun shy about writing in general, so I hope that I can come over here and find some confidence again. If you know/knew me livejournal, then I invite you to friend me on here too! If you don't know me from there, then friend me anyway! Once I have to the time to sit down and port or at least link my fic, I certainly will. :D

So...tell me about Dreamwidth, people!

- Lass